Blended Learning 

Blended Learning​

Blended Learning is a combination of ONLINE and IN CLASS instruction. This offers individuals flexible, practical and time efficient way to obtain Standard First Aid & CPR certification.  


This course is comprised of a self-paced online component which included videos and diagrams with multiple choice and written knowledge evaluations. An instructor led in class component will follow within 4 weeks of successful completion of the online portion. During class, your skills will be evaluated and further instruction given. The new blended learning courses build the same knowledge and skills as our traditional classroom training courses.  


Benefits include:   

  • Individualized, self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home

  • Accommodates individual learning styles and allows participants to learn at their own pace  

  • Participants can stop and review whenever necessary to ensure that they completely understand the content

  • Convenient access and consistent delivery  

  • Allows course takers to access training at their convenience from any computer with internet access  

  • Can help prevent schedule conflicts with work-related responsibilities  

  • Online training can be started and stopped to accommodate busy schedules  

  • Course takers are given access to the online content for the period of certification and may log on as needed to reference content or refresh their knowledge

  • Focused skill sessions  

  • Providing content online shortens in-person class time

  • Allows instructors to focus on skill practice and assessment during skill sessions

  • Blended learning courses cover the same knowledge and skills as traditional classroom training 

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