All employers covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act        and Occupational Health and Safety Act        are required to have first aid equipment, facilities and trained workers in all workplaces. The First Aid Requirements (Regulation 1101) states what each employer is required to provide. ALL FIRST AID ACADEMY'S COURSES ARE WSIB COMPLIANT.


Here is a summary of what employers are required to follow:


  1. Provide a first aid station that is maintained by the person with the first aid training. The valid first aid certification must be present at the station along with a Canadian Red Cross first aid manual.

  2. First aid kit contains the minimum required supplies (refer to the regulations for the minimum requirements that will apply to your workplace) and is checked quarterly with a signature card of when the inspection was completed.

  3. WSIB's "In All Cases of Injury/Disease" poster (Form 82)        must be in a place by law where all workers can see it.

  4. A record of all accidents must be recorded. The date, time, name of witnesses, the nature and exact location of the injury(ies) and the first aid treatment given.

  5. Employees are required to fill out Form 156 ("Treatment Memorandum") if more than first aid treatment or advice is necessary. 

  6. Make sure to submit Form 7 ("Employer's Report of Accidental Injury/Industrial Disease") to WSIB within 3 days of the accident. 

  7. Submit (can be done online        Form 7 to the WSIB within three days of learning of an accident. This form is also known as “Employer’s Report of Accidental Injury/Industrial Disease.”

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